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    Tips from our staff

    What’s going on at PM Pediatrics this week? We checked in with our staff and got the down-low… Dr. Roshni Patel Midwood is seeing allergies! Saline nasal washes or spray can naturally help the symptoms in conjunction with the medications that your doctor prescribes! #NetiPot Dr. Michael Bachman Hand, foot and mouth disease is keeping […]

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    What we learned this week…


    by the doctors at PM Pediatrics Paronychia Been seeing a lot of infections near the nail. We call those paronychias. Remember to be careful when trimming your nails and if you do see some redness around the nailbed then use antibiotic ointment and warm soaks and call your doctor to get it checked #DontBiteYourNails -Dr. […]

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    When your child just can’t “go”


    Your child passes small, pebble-like hard stools similar to that of rabbit. You’ve had to plunge the toilet AGAIN. They’re going less than 3 times a week. Does this sound familiar? If so, it may be constipation. You’re not alone. An estimated 17-40% of children experience constipation in their first year of life with a […]

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