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    When your child just can’t “go”


    Your child passes small, pebble-like hard stools similar to that of rabbit. You’ve had to plunge the toilet AGAIN. They’re going less than 3 times a week. Does this sound familiar? If so, it may be constipation. You’re not alone. An estimated 17-40% of children experience constipation in their first year of life with a […]

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    Super Lice


    by Dr. Elisa Argota, PM Pediatrics of Mamaroneck Super lice. Are you itching already? Sounds like this could be a new comic book character, but it is actually drug-resistant lice that have been found across the country. In the year 2000, head lice was 100% treatable with over-the-counter lice medications containing pyrethroids, but after several […]

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