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    My kid needs stitches…now what?


    by Dr. Christina Johns I’m completely paranoid about my kids getting a cut that would require stitches. I’m not sure why, because I put in and take out stitches all the time and can see that: a. while not fun, kids (even really young ones) tolerate the procedure beautifully; b. now with the new skin […]

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  2. |2 Comments | Prevention

    Air travel with children

    gty_child_airplane_jef_120712_wblog (1)

    By Dr. Dawn Kleinman & Dr. Christina Johns So…you’re thinking of going on a vacation with your small child. And you need to fly. With her. Let’s do what our moms told us to do and make a list of pros and cons to determine if we should proceed with the plan. PROS: -fun time […]

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  3. |Leave a Comment | Illness, Prevention

    Your pet turtle: what could go wrong?


    by Erika Sisk, FNP-C & Dr. Christina Johns This is a post about a lot, some and a few. A LOT of people know that salmonella infections cause vomiting, fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Symptoms can last 4-7 days. Severe disease can occasionally require hospitalization. Ok, got it… SOME people have turtles for pets for […]

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