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    Is sunscreen dangerous?


    By Dr. Eric Weinberg, PM Pediatrics of Spring Valley “I heard sunscreen can be dangerous, is that true?” We hear this question a lot, and the answer is simple – it is much safer to put on sunscreen than it is to leave it off. Rates of certain types of skin cancer increased 80 percent […]

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    Dry Drowning: Do I Need to Worry?


    by Dr. Eric Weinberg, PM Pediatrics of Spring Valley At PM Pediatrics we frequently evaluate patients for “dry drowning”. For the great majority of patients, the only treatment they need is a medical exam, reassurance and lollipops. However, in very rare circumstances, these patients may need further interventions and hospitalization. Below are some answers to […]

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    What Can I Do About My Child’s Allergies?


    by Kelly Lee MD and Eric Weinberg MD Ah-choo! Has your child been sneezing all morning again? Itchy eyes, nose running like a faucet and going through boxes of tissues like it’s going out of style? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your child probably has seasonal ‪‎allergies‬. Here are some […]

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