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Why PM Pediatrics Is Successful

In 8 short years, PM Pediatrics has grown rapidly and has established itself as the preeminent provider of pediatric urgent care in New York as well as one of the largest groups of its’ kind in the nation. We have had more than 375,000 visits by patients from over 1,000 towns and cities in 48 states and the District of Columbia. In addition to providing high quality, comprehensive care in state-of-the-art, child-friendly locations, PM Pediatrics’ success is a result of our focus on core business principles. Among these are:

Market Analysis and Site Development
PM Pediatrics employs numerous metrics for market analysis, site selection, and site development. We work exclusively with one of the largest national real estate firms to isolate geographic areas that ensure a likelihood for success and return on investment. We also have extensive expertise in designing and building out our locations, maximizing use of space, finding and monitoring appropriate contractors, and executing themes that inspire the “wows” we hear when people come in for the first time.

Recruitment and Training of Staff
Because our core is made up of some of the nation’s most well trained Pediatric Emergency Medicine physicians, we have been very successful at attracting physicians who wish to become part of this culture. We have also developed a comprehensive training program for our clinicians physicians to acquire the skill levels necessary for the various procedures we perform and higher acuity we see. In addition, our human resources department has developed an extensive employee training program that is ongoing and assures consistent performance throughout all our locations in the areas of patient administration, clinical care and customer service.

Managed Care Contracting / Patient Account Management
PM Pediatrics has contracts with most major insurance companies and we are very well versed in the nuances of negotiating and finalizing favorable contracts for the services we provide. We also understand that cash flow can make or break a company. To that end, we use one of the top EMRs and practice management systems available. We also employ a team of individuals that aggressively manage receivables, ensuring that we submit all claims within 24 hours of being seen and receive most insurance payments within 2-3 weeks.

Operational Efficiency
PM Pediatrics makes extensive use of technology and pays close attention to operational metrics in order to develop techniques that allow us to staff efficiently while keeping average wait times to 20 minutes or less. This is despite not taking appointments and often seeing volumes in excess of 20 patients in an hour. We also pay particular attention to regulatory and compliance issues.

Public Relations and Marketing
All our locations benefit from centralized marketing and public relations activities, allowing for consistency across markets and accuracy among all materials. Marketing initiatives are tracked closely and assessed regularly. All materials and messages are tailored to the market and its target audience. We use many initiatives, including media, print advertising, direct marketing, events/sponsorships and networking, paying particular attention to the individual community each site is located in.

Collective Purchasing Power
PM Pediatrics leverages purchases among all our locations, allowing us to obtain favorable pricing. We analyze all expenditures and pay close attention to inventory management as well as constantly exploring opportunities to improve value.

Financial Management / Reporting, Accounting and Legal Assistance
PM Pediatrics senior management has years of experience in the above areas allowing for accuracy in financial projections, readjusting to changing needs, and reporting requirements. In addition, we have substantial experience in managing contracts, compliance and other regulatory issues.

We truly believe that the PM Pediatrics model represents the future of pediatric acute care. We have an impeccable reputation in the areas we are located and a system that works. Help us continue to further our mission.

If you are interested in employment or partnership opportunities or would like assistance in developing your own urgent care practice, please contact:

Jeffrey Schor, MD, FAAP
516-869-0650 (office)

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