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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. Mother taking her daughter to school

    | General Medical

    The Therapeutic Car Ride to the Doctor

    Scene: 10:40pm on any given night, in a clinical exam room near you. Markedly well appearing child, playful and active. Clearly getting the proverbial “second wind.” Parents exhausted. Parent: “This is the best she’s looked all day. I swear, she wasn’t doing anything like this before we came in.” Well, this is a daily and legitimate scenario, friends. I fondly call it “the therapeutic ride to the doctor.” The dose of this treatment is unknown, and the mechanism of action is not clear, but it has an incredible success rate and minimal side effects. Within a matter of minutes, even the sickest of children sometimes seem to make miraculous recoveries with one simple dose of this incredible medicine. A car ride to after hours care. Can you believe it? I’ve joked about this with many a parent along the way, who I can see retracing steps in their mind to determine if the child they […]

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  2. blonde baby with blue eyes sticking his finger in one ear

    | Dental, Fever, Infections

    My Ear Hurts!

    I am not a fancy ORL doctor, as you know. My brother AND my dad are. The truly fancy name for ear, nose, and throat doctors is otorhinolaryngologist, frequently shortened to ORL, which is what I mostly call them nearly totally due to family pressure. My brother subspecializes in voice, and is a doctor to […]

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