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  1. Taking Parental Control in the Gaming World

    So my son was playing NBA 2k17 on the Xbox in our living room, and I hear the usual hoots and hollers as he's enjoying playing as Lebron or Steph Curry or whomever...when I hear this clearly unscripted voice from the TV say, 'There's no way that should have gone in kid, lucky shot." It wasn't a voice that I recognized, and it definitely wasn't a kid's voice. I realized that this new game had online voice chat on automatically, and that my son was talking to a stranger online - which instantly set off my parental alarm. I didn't know who this person was, how old they were, if they had asked for my son's real name and age or if they already knew this information. All these questions ran through my head in the span of about 4 seconds. Not that the person said anything wrong at the time, but I had heard so many horrible news stories about […]

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  2. PAs Do That!

    “No man is an island.” Right? That’s certainly the case with the medical team. I can’t effectively pull off my doctor gig without the team work and input from nurses, x-ray techs, medical assistants, and physician assistants. Most people have a fairly good sense of what MAs and RNs do, but are less familiar with […]

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  3. I’ve only restarted writing this blog entry about 28 times. I keep asking myself, “do you really want to go there?” Because it’s about vaccines, and anything written about this topic brings out naysayers who *often* refuse actual scientific data.  But when the #smartmomma crew calls out an issue to be reviewed, then review it […]

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