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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. A mom putting a bandage on the knee of a preschool age girl.

    | Infections, Injuries

    Wound Management: The Days After…

    I put in a fair amount of stitches. I also decide NOT to put in stitches. Sometimes I use skin glue, and occasionally, I don’t close up a laceration at all. I’ve come to know pretty well which cuts need which treatment. But medical decision making aside, if I look at how I spend my time at work, a not small amount of it is dealing with kids who have fallen, run into a door or edge of a table, or cut themselves some other way. To stitch or not to stitch? When kids get cuts (or lacerations when we’re using their fancy name), there’s generally a lot of focus placed on whether or not stitches are required. That’s understandable, right- getting a good closure helps the healing process and decreases scarring, and that’s pretty important stuff. There’s a lot written about this topic: from what kinds of cuts should be stitched or glued, to […]

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  2. Cartoon of a Postal Worker bitten by a dog

    | Infections, Injuries, Safety

    Animal Bites

    I’m an animal lover. Really, all kinds. I’m not especially grossed out by snakes or spiders, and I was the very proud owner of a guinea pig named “Marshmallow” when I was a kid. I’m a sucker for all those cute, heartwarming, and hilarious animal videos on social media, and I have a fairly solid […]

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  3. An African American man and his 6 year old son together in the park on a sunny day, sitting on a wooden railing, talking, smiling and looking at each other.

    I now have a high schooler at home. I sent him off to ninth grade with all the feels: excitement, pride, bittersweet joy, anxiety, and a little bit of fear. He’s a good kid, already playing on the soccer team and in the early innings appearing to be transitioning well, but that doesn’t mean I’M […]

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