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  1. the 4 stages of flu season according to dr. christina

    | Fever, General Medical, Infections, Young Adult

    The 4 Stages of Flu Season, According to Dr. Christina

    Flu season is here. The reports on the evening news are airing on the regular, and neighborhood social media pages are filling up with the full spectrum of comments about prevention and treatment. As we start to get waist-deep into influenza, I’m noting that there’s a real pattern to what we all seem to go through each year. *Sort of* like Kessler and Kubler-Ross’s 5 stages of grief, I humbly present to you my 4 stages of flu season.   Denial. This happens every fall. Despite the fact that primary care offices and places like Target start offering multiple flu shot clinics and there’s a fairly extensive public education push in the media from the CDC and other healthcare entities, many still dismiss the oncoming virus as if they can simply will it away. There is (surprisingly) still a large faction of people who erroneously believe that the flu shot causes the flu. This period […]

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  2. Hi! How’s your holiday season going? Have you been to a bunch of parties? Are all of your gifts bought? The celebrations are fun, aren’t they. I, for one, like the cookie exchanges (if people make homemade stuff and don’t just bring store bought cookies), and will admit that I mostly like the parties because […]

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