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  1. Kids Stink

    Kids stink. Sometimes kids stink in the metaphoric sense, like if they’re talking back or having a meltdown or coming up with the millionth excuse why they can’t fall asleep. But I’m talking about when they stink in the literal sense. You know, stink stink. Some kids do more than others. You know what I mean? I got to thinking about this when my friend Wendy (a parent herself) suggested that I make a post about kids wearing deodorant. And I’ve received a few “DearDrC” emails from #smartmommas who are concerned that their kids-who-haven’t-yet-reached-puberty already have body odor. What is the right/normal/appropriate age to start dealing with & managing all this? Let’s begin by reminding ourselves what body odor is, exactly. It’s the unpleasant smell that comes from a combination of perspiration and the usual bacteria that lives on the skin. As kids grow up and early puberty starts the various sweat glands (apocrine and […]

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  2. Have I mentioned yet that I’m the UNCOOLEST mom EVER? If you haven’t yet gotten that vibe from my H Y S T E R I C A L #nerdalert posts on social media, then let me give it to you straight right now.  According to my children, NOTHING says “UNCOOL” like making my 11-year-old […]

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  3. Pseudoscience

    I think I’m in heaven. Another week of blog writing inspiration from a #smartreader (I love #smartmomma and #smartdad but I like this one too). The suggestion was posted in response to my repeat singing of the safety song about the HPV vaccine on social media this week, and it is simply this: “How can […]

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