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  1. “Con Ed” — Not the Kind of Energy You’re Thinking!

    I always overpack when I travel.  And not just by a little.  I’m not sure if it’s like a security blanket or that some neurotic psychology lies underneath this issue, but I’m never going to be the girl who shows up for a week’s trip with just a backpack. In fact, a surefire way to get my blood pressure elevated is when the ticket agent weighs my luggage at the airport. My fingers and toes are always crossed that I won’t be over the limit.   So I’m packing today to travel to New Orleans for the Pediatric Urgent Care Conference where I’ll be leading 2 educational sessions: one on “digital media and medicine” and another on “pediatric red flags that must not be missed” which is aimed at non-pediatric clinicians.  I’m really looking forward to the trip other than missing my kids.  The weather should be and warm and no doubt the food will […]

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  2.   “I’d like to introduce you to your adrenal glands.” This comes out a bit awkward when you say it, truthfully. But never one to shy away from appearing a little “unusual,” I’ve actually said this in the clinical setting. Not the oddest thing I’ve ever said, but it probably is on the list. And […]

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  3. It’s a cold, sunny weekend afternoon and I’m taking a moment after making the kids lunch to take a look at the alumni magazine from my medical school.  It’s always fun for me to read about medical topics that are NOT in my lane of pediatrics/pediatric emergency medicine, because while I’m not totally familiar with […]

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