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Dr. Christina Johns
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  1. young boy with inhaler and spacer over mouth and nose

    | General Medical

    SOB…not what you think it means! A short list of respiratory distress signs that you should know.

    It’s always hard to say goodbye to summer isn’t it?--- But I really like September. The weather is still warm and nice enough to feel good, and I don’t know about you but by the end of August I’m ready (as are my kids, even though they won’t admit it) for my kids to go back to school, so by mid-September everyone is sort of getting back to a regular routine. I’m not gonna lie…I very much appreciate a quiet house at 9am and the chance to drink some coffee peacefully and have a little alone time. So that’s the good part. The “less good” part is that by mid-September children have been in enclosed spaces like classrooms long enough to allow viruses to really live their best lives and circulate like crazy, and the ragweeds and other allergens are flying through the air with the greatest of ease. What that means for primary, acute, […]

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  2. Disaster preparation kit flat lay. Items needed for disaster preparedness

    I think my favorite weather word with regards to hurricanes is “spaghetti model.” You know what those are— the tv meteorologists draw out the various potential trajectories of the storm in skinny little curving lines up the coast, usually ending up right at your front door– know what I mean?  No good reason why this word is my favorite; I just think […]

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  3. Reagent Strip for Urinalysis , Routine Urinalysis, check-up anal

    In pediatric acute care medicine, there are many conditions that aren’t really seasonal and exist at a steady, constant rate: many conditions that we don’t talk about very much. Bladder infections, or urinary tract infections (known as UTIs) are in that category. I’ve diagnosed several of those lately, and I want to call them to […]

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