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  1. Be Still My Beating Heart: 5 explanations for an elevated pulse that you should know

    Today I want to talk about some vital signs. These are important, right; they’re VITAL. And we need to have them all working (fairly) smoothly in concert to remain vertical, so I think it’s fair to give them some attention. Most of the time at work, before I even go into a room to examine a patient, I take a look at the vital signs as a way to frame up my assessment. Let’s first say what the vital signs are: Temperature Pulse (or heart rate) Respiratory rate Blood pressure Weight One thing that I want everyone to know is that normal vital signs are different for different ages. Kind of like in the animal kingdom, where little animals like hummingbirds have usual heart rates of over 200 beats per minute and elephants have rates of 40 per minute: the larger the creature gets, the slower the heart rate is. Same deal in humans. A […]

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  2. PAs Do That! Part II

    Last year, during Physician Assistants Week, one of my PA colleagues guest-blogged on Dear Dr. Christina. This year, we’re hearing from Stefanie Mohabir, PA-C, another PA colleague and graduate of our Physician Assistant fellowship program here at PM Pediatrics. Happy PA Week! Treating a child is very different than treating an adult.  As a PA who […]

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  3. Dear everyone, As much as I hate to say it, at some point the ongoing summer weather on the East Coast will end and cold weather will arrive, bringing with it dry, itchy skin on kids everywhere. In that spirit, I thought I’d re-post my dry-skin game plan to offer a regimen that is effective, […]

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