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  1. The Yellow River…by I.P. Freely (and other ways we look for answers in the urine)

    Do you remember laughing at these “books” or was it just me? -Under The Bleachers… by Seymour Butts -Gotta Go…by C.U. Later -Ten Years in the Bathtub…by Rink Lee Prune For whatever reason I always think of those funny titles when I order a urine test on a patient. And I order those fairly regularly. Most people think of a urine test, concisely known as a urinalysis, as an order we send when we want to check to see if a patient has a bladder infection (or urinary tract infection, UTI). But there are many more truths to be found in a urinalysis other than the sole suggestion of a UTI. In fact, many times a urine culture (different test) is needed to diagnose a UTI. But I think a brief review of the OTHER diagnoses that are made, confirmed, or suggested by certain urine results will be interesting and might even be helpful, so […]

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  2. When someone in my kid’s class is diagnosed with strep throat, a note goes home notifying the rest of the class that STREP IS IN THE CLASSROOM. I get it; it’s an infection control message and provides me the opportunity to: Check my child for symptoms, and review with my own kids that they shouldn’t […]

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  3. Radiology Alphabet Soup

    In the spirit of teaching old dogs new tricks, I’ve learned how to take X-rays recently. I mean, not INTERPRET X-rays: I’ve been working on that for over 15 years. In that department I’m always trying to sharpen my skills and letmetellya I’m thankful for my colleagues in pediatric radiology!  Anywho- over the past year […]

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