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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. A small cottage style home sits surrounded by tall green trees, shrubs, flower gardens, hedges and a green lawn.

    | Injuries, Poisons

    Summer Household Safety

    Just like the holidays, injuries and hazards have a seasonal aspect to them. In the winter there are sledding injuries and car crashes due to snow and ice (obvi), and in the spring and fall as kids’ activities are in full swing there are lots of sports injuries like sprains and fractures. Summer is no different and has its own set of dangers; dangers that don’t even require you to leave your house. How convenient. I write this with 15 years of working in a large, urban, children’s emergency department and trauma center under my belt so it may be that I’m writing with the slightly skewed perspective of someone who has been around for an awful lot of “worst case scenarios,” but aside from being able to share some stories that should go into Ripley’s “Believe it or Not,” I’d like to share a few lessons learned that I’ll admit I never gave much […]

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  2. We’ve all heard the frightening reported stories: a teenager away at summer camp says she has a stiff neck and a headache one minute, then in what seems like the next she’s dead. From meningitis. There are few words in the lexicon of medical terminology that get everyone’s attention like the word MENINGITIS. Not unreasonable, since it […]

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