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Dr. Christina Johns
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    | Injuries

    Great Balls of Fire: Burn Basics

    People do a lot of crazy stuff to try to treat their burns: everything from covering them with toothpaste to cracking an egg over top of them. (Not making this up.) Burns are a thermal injury to the skin and are fairly common; the CDC reports that about 300 children in the US age 0-19 years old are seen DAILY in emergency departments with this type of injury. Take that number and imagine how many are managed at home without medical intervention or are seen by their primary care pediatrician or in urgent care settings, and that’s a lot of burns all in one day. If you look around your house for about 30 seconds it’s pretty easy to see the many potential sources of burns: the oven, teapot, hair styling tools, etc. Curious younger children are easy burn victims, but accidents happen at any age, so it’s reasonable to take a quick walk-through of your house […]

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