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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. Shot of a young boy using a digital tablet at night in bed

    | Growth and Development, Parenting, Young Adult

    Your Teen and Their Screen

    Friends, last week I was an epic parent failure. All week long. Why, you ask? I’m confessing openly here in the hopes that there are a few other kindred spirits out there who understand my shame. Here it is--I think my 13 year old had screen time for no fewer than 6 hours PER DAY while he was on vacation. The first day, I rationalized that since it was his first day off from school it should be a total free day without a single care. Sometimes we indulge our kids like that when we can, right? Well he took full advantage. This pattern repeated itself. Several days running. I got him outside to shoot baskets for a little bit each day, but he didn’t want to do much else. As if I needed another moment to bear witness on the grip that screen time has on all of us, I saw it happen in […]

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  2. Negative health concept. Sad smiley face made from medicine pills.

    A few things antibiotics can do BESIDES cure infections. Sometimes I worry that I write so frequently about the judicious use of antibiotics that people will think I don’t like them or that they are poisonous or something like that. Let me assure you, that is not true. I’ve written so many antibiotic prescriptions that […]

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