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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. Doctor wheeling patient in Emergency Department

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    As Seen on TV…or not. Medical Shows Deconstructed

    “Get me an ECG, Chest X-ray, (6 other unrelated things), and 2mg Epinephrine STAT”   …is a phrase I have never said, unlike nearly every physician on every medical show that I’ve ever watched. Anyone who randomly barks out an extensive list of orders like that is probably either: Not a real doctor but might be an actor on one of those medical shows, or A pompous jerk, because most actively employed medical staff understand that good team function is critical for delivering effective patient care and depends on respect, collaboration, and 2 way communication. (And for the record, the nurses are often one or ten steps ahead of the physician team leader in a resuscitation and therefore do not require the laundry list of orders delivered in a stern tone.) I can’t claim to watch or have watched any of the medical shows regularly. Actually, other than “ER” (back in the day before I […]

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