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  1. Back to School Anti-tips

    Maybe you’ve noticed that I don’t write many blog entries on parenting topics. I’m a parent. I’m not necessarily a parenting expert. As a pediatrician, I have a front row seat for viewing plenty of parenting-in-action, but I’m not going to hold myself out as someone who’s “completely got this parenting thing down pat, and […]

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  2. Lets talk about Pneumonia

    We’ve been together now for what, about a year and a half? I can’t believe I haven’t yet logged an entry about pneumonia. In large part it’s because I don’t mind elaborating on why I do NOT LIKE THAT WORD, but also because it’s a pretty common problem with a lot of voodoo that surrounds […]

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  3. Warts are the WORST.

    Based on the way I’m currently limping around, you’d think that I have a major lower extremity problem. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much foot pain before- right on the ball of my left foot- every time I put any amount of pressure on it or squeeze the area. Throbbing, sharp pain. Like […]

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