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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. By now, most of you guys know that my doctor gig is as a pediatric emergency physician. That means that I’m a pediatrician and an emergency medicine physician who specializes in children.  I get to cross several different specialties, and as such I’ve had the privilege of working in the urgent care, general pediatrics, and […]

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  2.   “How do you know what blood tests to order for your patients?” “Why don’t kids get many blood tests?” “What screening blood tests DO kids get?” A very #smartmomma asked me these questions recently, and I think they are good ones: so good that I became inspired to write my blog entry well before […]

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  3. Recall This

    Does anyone remember those baby walkers that had the wheels on the bottom? You know, the kind that had a little seat with a tray and 4 wheels attached so babies could be mobile before they were able to walk on their own? Kids and parents alike LOVED these products: the baby was entertained and […]

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