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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. | General Medical

    Calm Under Pressure- Is your Child Getting Screened for Hypertension?

    In medicine you can categorize diseases many different ways: by body system, character of disease (like infection or trauma or cancer, etc.). Lots of grouping. One of my personal favorites is also pretty simple: “adult-y” illnesses and “kid-ish” illnesses (these are scientific terms, of course). Sometimes an illness can go in both categories, and others […]

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  2. | General Medical

    New Peanut Allergy Guidelines: A Balanced View

      Friends, tonight I’m publishing ‘the other side’ or ‘the balanced view’ of this whole new early exposure to peanuts gig. We’ve talked before about how medicine isn’t perfect, and no doubt with these new guidelines WE WILL SEE some truly allergic children having reactions at an early age at the time of first exposure. […]

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