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  1. Shots for Kids: What Parents Should Know About Vaccinations

    This article appeared on by Sheiresa Ngo April 27, 2016 If you have young children, you may be overwhelmed by all of the information on childhood vaccinations. The information overload makes it tough to absorb all the key points you need to know. Not to worry, plenty of parents just like you have struggled […]

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  2. Crime Scene? or Nose Bleed?

    I have a few friends whose kids have regular nosebleeds, and I’m telling you, when it happens it looks like a crime scene. It’s hard to believe that so much blood can come gushing out of a little tiny space and make it appear like that child is bleeding to death, but I think I […]

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  3. Eye of the Newt, Wart of the Toad (not quite Shakespeare)

    I feel a little bit badly about a recent parenting moment. For a perfectly healthy 8 year old, my daughter seems to have a lot of ailments. She VERY FREQUENTLY complains about EVERYTHING — sore throat, leg pain, stomachache—even “uncomfortable hair” (really), so it just seemed like it was yet another entry in the litany […]

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