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  1. Having an allergic reaction? Don’t go nuts!

    Today was “meet & greet” for the third grade at my daughter’s school. On my way to the classroom we passed by the fourth grade classrooms, and on one of them there was a huge sign that said “NUT-FREE CLASSROOM.” How ‘bout that!?! As a matter of fact, my kids went to a nut-free preschool. […]

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  2. It wasn’t just a cavity…

    Regular dental care is important for more than just a pretty smile. Thanks Doctor Obvious!– But let’s review one reason why. When I was seeing patients recently, I treated a few young kids with jaw pain and swelling. In highly dramatic fashion, many non-medical people like to quickly diagnose kids who appear this way as the mumps […]

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  3. I’ve got a good friend whose son Vince, a 4th grader, has a regular problem with “stomachaches.”  These are kind of unusual stomachaches, because they appear to be seasonal, almost exclusively occur during daytime hours, and are temporarily incapacitating.  They don’t include fever or vomiting, and his bowel movements are normal.  Last spring Vince was […]

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