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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. Crying the Colicky Blues

    It was 10:45pm a few weeks ago and I was winding down what I would call a steady evening seeing patients.  I looked up from my computer and there was a tiny baby being brought into room 9 followed by 2 adult zombies who looked like they had lost their final battle.  Upon closer inspection […]

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  2. Who is Bili Rubin? Jaundice explained.

    When tiny babies come in to be seen urgently (I’m talking newborns here, like in the first few weeks of life), they get everyone’s attention.  Why is this?  They’re cute and small, sure, but there are lots of medical reasons as well.  There are many germs that hang around sick people, and sick kids are […]

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  3. I have a friend, a high school math teacher, who described her recent work frustration that she’s not allowed to enforce a “no cell phone rule” during instructional class time. What the actual heck. I can’t get this out of my head. She told me she’s allowed to “ask” students to put their phones away, […]

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