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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1.   “Study Finds Red Wine Compound Slows Aging in Muscles and Neurons” “Can Exercise Help Cut the Rate of Breast Cancer Recurrence? A New Study Shows it Might” “New Study Shows Colon Cancer in Millennials is on the Rise” “Babies Cry More in UK, Canada and Italy, Less in Germany, Study Finds” “Study Shows Many […]

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  2. I always overpack when I travel.  And not just by a little.  I’m not sure if it’s like a security blanket or that some neurotic psychology lies underneath this issue, but I’m never going to be the girl who shows up for a week’s trip with just a backpack. In fact, a surefire way to […]

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  3.   “I’d like to introduce you to your adrenal glands.” This comes out a bit awkward when you say it, truthfully. But never one to shy away from appearing a little “unusual,” I’ve actually said this in the clinical setting. Not the oddest thing I’ve ever said, but it probably is on the list. And […]

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