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  1. What a week in the infection department, huh? This year’s flu season’s been declared an “epidemic;” we’re getting hit with both regular winter respiratory flu AND the stomach flu (that notoriously horrible norovirus); schools are closing right and left (including my kids’ school) due to pervasive absence from illness, and I’m under the weather too. This […]

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  2. What you “kneed”to know..

    Do you like that title?  “What you “kneed”to know?” I laughed. Anyway, I was watching my 9 year old daughter’s ice skating lesson yesterday and on the rink there were probably 50-75 kids, all divided up into various skill levels- there was the hockey crew, the tiny beginners (in helmets), the kids learning to go […]

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  3. Melatonin for Kids: Hit the Snooze or Not?

    I don’t think I’ve had a good night’s sleep since the Bush administration (second one).  I’ve always been a light sleeper. When I was a teenager my mother used to joke that all she had to do was stand quietly in my bedroom doorway and I’d wake up.  Sadly, this has become absolute reality for […]

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