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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. Sick of Ticks

    Ticks seem to be going viral.  (Get it!?!?!-) What I mean by that is I’m fairly sure that ticks have been getting more news and social media coverage than Russia recently…lots of reporting, no?  All of this reporting runs the gamut, from how this summer will be a BRUTAL one for volume of ticks, to […]

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  2. Number 2 and You

    We’ve known each other for over a year already so we can talk about…stuff…right? I didn’t want to bring up the “ick” factor right out of the gate, but enough parents have brought their kids in for the concern of “blood in the stool” that I just can’t NOT talk about it any longer.  So- […]

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  3. Risky Business

    The grad parties are somethin’ these days, aren’t they? I’m laughing at myself because I TOTALLY sound like an old lady, but it seems to me like everyone’s celebrations just keep getting bigger and bigger as the years go on.  Some even have bands and fancy catering. And it seems like everyone has a graduation […]

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