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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. Take the Stress Out of Stitches – as featured in Hudson Valley Magazine

    by Dr. Christina Johns Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics I’m completely paranoid about my kids getting a cut that would require stitches. I’m not sure why, because I put in and take out stitches all the time and can see that: • While not fun, kids (even really young ones) tolerate the procedure beautifully. • […]

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  2. Hello to You from Me

    Hello to you from me! Pretty excited to share my inaugural blog entry as senior medical advisor for PM Pediatrics! I hope we’re going to share a cool journey, filled with interesting science from the world of pediatric medicine, hilarious parenting moments (endless supply from my own kitchen), sweet kid stories, and my very best […]

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  3. Thanks for ruining Christmas, hoverboards – as featured in The Washington Post

    Zoooooooooooom, crash. What was that? The sound of Christmas 2015? We definitely saw this coming. Every list of top gifts ranked the two-wheeled scooter, or the “hoverboard,” as one of the most coveted items in Santa’s bag. Never mind the slew of stories about hoverboards catching on fire or the investigation by the U.S. Consumer […]

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