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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. image of a sneezing child

    | General Medical

    Cough vs. Codeine

    I love it when I get emails like this in the early innings of the day: Good morning, I am attaching an article about codeine. On several occasions this past week parents have requested prescribed cough medicine. The Dr did a great job explaining why he does not prescribe them, right on point with this […]

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  2. spoons

    I took this photo of a few VERY DIFFERENT SIZED teaspoons that are in my kitchen. Tapping into my artistic side? Brainstorming about a new concept for a musical instrument? Doing ANYTHING not to go crazy over hearing my daughter’s croupy cough ONE MORE TIME? Actually, not the first two. I’m not musical or artistic, […]

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  3. Father teaching son cycling

    | Injuries

    Put a lid on it!

    “Trauma-Rama,” we all call it. Urgent care offices and Emergency Departments are busy every holiday weekend.  By 7PM, business is booming. It seems like the minute the fun starts, so do the numbers of injured patients in our offices or in the E.D. (‘E.R.’ is what you watch on TV; ‘E.D.’ is what the Emergency […]

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