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Pediatric Urgent Care Medicine Fellowship

The fellowship in pediatric urgent care medicine at PM Pediatrics is the first of its kind and is designed to close the gaps from pediatric residency training, while enhancing the clinician’s ability to practice in a high-acuity, fast-paced environment. We supplement our clinical experience with sub-specialty rotations, monthly lectures, procedural training workshops, and medical simulation, to accomplish the goal of creating academic and clinical experts in the emerging field of pediatric urgent care medicine. The graduate will develop the skills necessary to deliver expert care, manage a practice and become a leader in the field. Please click here for more information

Pediatric Urgent Care Fellowship – Accelerated Track for Experienced Pediatricians

We offer an accelerated 6-month fellowship track specifically tailored for experienced pediatricians. When making the transition to pediatric urgent care, pediatricians may have limited experience with bedside procedures, orthopedic injuries, and radiology interpretation. In addition, urgent care providers are called upon to render expert (and sometimes emergent) care in a setting where there is limited availability of on-site consultants. Our accelerated track is targeted at filling in the gaps where needed, personalizing the program to the fellow’s individual needs. The graduate will develop the skills necessary to become an expert in the field of pediatric urgent care medicine.

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NP/PA Pediatric Urgent Care Medicine Fellowship

The Nurse Practitioner (NP) and Physician Assistant (PA) fellowship is an exciting opportunity for post-graduate NPs and PAs who wish to enter the emerging field of Pediatric Urgent Care Medicine. The fellowship will allow both NPs and PAs to develop the knowledge base to provide patient care for acute illnesses and injuries in an outpatient pediatric urgent care setting.

January – June Fellowships: Applications accepted through August 31.

July – December Fellowships: Applications accepted through February 28.

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